The Best Health Gadgets

With a real abundance of fitness-tracking technology currently available for sale more and more people become to rely on these gadgets with the hopes of improving their health. Wearables like smartwatches enable us to better understand what is happening in our bodies so we could adjust our fitness program to meet our fitness goals. So let’s have a closer look at some of the best brand new health technology to pick those gadgets that are truly beneficial, but not just marketing tricks.

Omron Evolv

Lower Blood Pressure: Omron Evolv

This device is designed to enable the person to check the blood pressure anywhere, anytime. It is a lightweight monitor which is convenient to take with you at work, on vacation, to the restaurant, anywhere. Its another advantage is the ease of use, plus you can share information concerning your blood pressure with your family or doctor using the Omron Connect App. It also features a heart health algorithm, called Advanced Accuracy that provides more accurate data. The Omron Evolve is compatible with iOS and Android devices. It is highly rated due to its great design, ease of use and the ability to provide accurate readings.


Lose Weight: QardioBase

If you think that QardioBase is just ordinary smart scales you are wrong. In addition to weighing, the scales will provide such data as your heart rate, water percentage, body fat, bone mass and muscle mass. Furthermore, this smart device will record all this data so you can compare it later. It works with Apple Health<,Google Fit, and Samsung S Health, and connects to the free Qardio App for iOS, Kindle, and Android. Users can share data as well as set goals and reminders. QardioBase can be used by all members in your family as it can distinguish your measurements from those of other people.

Netatmo Healthy Home Coach

Cleaner Lungs: Netatmo Healthy Home Coach

This technology is especially useful for those who live in big cities. The latest healthy home gadget from Netatmo detects air quality level, humidity, temperature and noise at home, so you could figure out how bad the air in your home is. In addition Netatmo's Healthy Home Coach gives recommendations on how to create a healthier place to live in. To monitor more than one room consider connecting several healthy home coaches to your smartphone.

Philips Avance Centrifugal Juicer

Better Digestion: Philips Avance Centrifugal Juicer

Adding fiber to your diet is simple with Philips' Avance juicer. Fiber is an essential nutrient that improves digestion and helps prevent a range of diseases, including a heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and others. A simple way to ensure you get enough fiber is to use Philips' Avance featuring FiberBoost technology, which enables you to select the texture of juice ranging from a clear drink to a more creamy one with up to 50% fiber in it. The juicer is extremely easy to clean so you are sure to keep using it even after the novelty wears off.

AliveCor Kardia Band

Healthier Heart: AliveCor Kardia Band

The Kardia Band is the latest technology in heart-rate monitoring gear. What makes this Apple Watch strap produced by AliveCor unique is its electrocardiogram tech that can detect palpitations, shortness of breath and other symptoms that can worn about the risk of a stroke. This is definitely a must-have device for those Apple Watch users who have heart-related problems.

Wair Smart Scarf

Cleaner Lungs: Wair Smart Scarf

Prevent city air pollution from damaging your health with Wair's subtle smart scarf. It promises lots of health benefits ensuring you breathe a cleaner air. The fashionable scarf combines textile with advanced technology that efficiently filters harmful pollutants. This anti-pollution scarf can be very useful for cyclists and those who live in a city where air pollution is a big problem. The smart scarf is connected to an app that provides real time air quality updates.


Measure Fever: WithingsThermo

The Thermo is the digital thermometer that is linked to your Withings account via the app and keeps track of your temperature over time. It features 16 infrared sensors that can take as many as 4,000 measurements, providing accurate data about your body temperature.

Huel Complete Food

Better Nutrition: Huel Complete Food

Huel is a powdered drink that contains all the nutrients the person needs to be healthy. Although it is not exactly a gadget, lots of technology was used to make Huel a reality. In other words, Huel is a nutritionally complete meal in powdered form. When dissolved into water it provides 26 important nutrients a person needs daily to have a well balanced diet. Huel contains healthy foods which are rich in fiber, such as milled down oats and others. This food releases energy slowly so you won’t feel hungry longer and will be able to skip snacks between meals completely.


Injury Recovery: FireFly

FireFly is designed to help recover from sports or other not serious injuries quicker. It is a portable gadget that should be worn behind the knee. Featuring no leads or wires, it sends painless electrical impulses to activate the muscles of the lower leg and increase blood circulation. FireFly is widely used by professional sportsmen, as it is clinically proven to facilitate sports recovery. Plus it possesses a range of other beneficial features. For example, it helps minimize delayed onset muscle soreness after sports conditioning, speeds the recovery from a sprain and strain and reduces swelling.

Dring SmartCane

Walking Aid: Dring SmartCane

People who need assistance when walking are sure to be grateful to the inventors of this smart walking stick. The Dring SmartCane is expected to be highly demanded as it is a real must have for people who have to use a walking stick. The SmartCane designed by a reputable walking stick company Fayet looks like a classic walking stick, but is infused with brand new technology from French firm Nov’in’sDring tech. In fact, the stick has an intelligent alert system inside that immediately sends an automatic alert with the user’s location in case of the fall.

Ava Fertility Tracker

Fertility Monitoring: Ava

Ava is a connected bracelet targeting women who need to plan their monthly cycle. A group of scientists from Switzerland that include experts in data collection, wearable technology, and women’s health created this fertility monitoring bracelet to help women precisely detect their entire fertile window in real time. This gadget is a valuable innovation in researching women’s reproductive health.

ResMed S+

Sleep Better: ResMed S+

The S+ is a unique smart alarm clock that can track your sleep without using wires, cables or other attached wearable devices. It boasts a patent-protected SleepSensor technology that includes respiratory and bio-motion sensors designed to track, analyze and improve the quality of your sleep at home. When placed at the bed, the S+ measures and analyses the person's sleep stages. It tracks the movements of the chest during breathing as well as body movements like arm twitches, shrugs position changes. The technology connects to a free iOS and Android app so users could record their night's sleep and using a Smart Alarm system find the ideal time for waking. It is a really helpful health gadget for those who find it hard to get up in the morning.

Cane Sugar

Cane sugar is sucrose extracted from sugarcane, a tropical plant, which has naturally high concentrations of the sweet substance. We've been using cane sugar in cooking for eons of time and at one point it was a major element in global trade. Today, all markets carry cane sugar in a variety of form, from a minimally processed raw sugar to a sugar cube. Cane sugar is most expensive form of sucrose but many people prefer it because they believe it has a superior flavor.

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Frozen berries

There is a popular belief that healthy eating is pretty costly. If the cost of healthy food choices is the primary reason that keeps you from switching to healthy diet these simple swaps will help you eat healthy while staying on a budget. Here are smart grocery store swaps that will help you save on healthy food.

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