Sugar After A Workout

Is Sugar Good after a Workout?

If you are bothered with the question whether eating sugar after a workout is good for your health you should first realize that yes-no answer to this question just doesn’t exist.


You probably know that there are natural sugars that are considered healthy and processed sugars which you should refrain from eating after a weight training workout. In fact, you had better reduce the amount of processed sugars consumed during the day. Sticking to this simple rule will help you achieve better fitness results.

For younger people eating particular types of food before or after the training may not be so important. But when you turn 30 your body’s metabolism may start slow down and it means that your body may burn calories at a slower rate. As the harmful food consumed fails burn off completely you should pay greater attention to what you are eating. Even at the young age you should avoid eating not healthy foods, including processed sugar, to prevent heart diseases and diabetes.

What Sugars Are Good After Weight Training?

Whether you are weight training or adding a cardio program to your weight training workout, you should eat sugars from natural sources: honey, fruit or fruit juice, vegetables.

By eliminating products with added sugar after the workout you help your body lose weight faster. Added sugars are processed much quicker than sugar from natural sources. Those bad sugars get into the blood stream quicker and this can result in gaining weight and even diabetes. As natural sugars contained in fruit and honey break down slowly your body will get enough energy to work it, but not store it as fat.

Isn’t all sugar natural?

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There is no simple answer to this question. Raw sugar derived from sugar cane is natural. But sugar available for sale in most grocery stores is processed or refined. In some stores you can find unprocessed sugar, which contains more minerals, but it can’t be considered natural, as it was extracted from the sugar cane.

The term natural sugar refers to sugar that is naturally found in the product consumed. For example, pure orange juice contains natural sugar while soda features processed sugar.

It should be noted that eating too much of sugar, even naturally occurring one, is bad for your health and can lead to serious health problems.

What are the sources of energy apart from sugar?

The human body converts most nutrients into energy. If you eat too much sugar, your body will burn up energy at the accelerated rate, so you will experience a burst of energy followed by a crash. Carbohydrates, proteins and fat all bring energy so people who eat a well balanced diet normally possess enough energy to exercise in a gym well.

Getting enough vitamins is also essential for your health. You may increase the amount of vitamins taken by adding a vitamin supplement to your diet. It is important that you get enough of vitamins C and H that boost energy, along with vitamin O that serves as the catalyst that triggers energy.

Of course, you can get energy from numerous energy supplements widely available for sale. They are made specifically for those who are working hard to meet their fitness goals. But, this should be the last resort as your body absorbs natural vitamins and minerals contained in food faster and more effectively than those found in supplements. So having a well balanced diet can’t be substituted by taking a vitamin pill or supplement. Healthy eating is the key to success in weight training.

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