How Maui Got Its Nickname

The Hawaiian island of Maui, situated northwest of "The Big Island", is an important tourist and agriculture center. It boasts incredible natural beauty so it is nicknamed as "The Magic Island" and "The Valley Isle."

Maui Island

There's a legend about how the island of Maui come into being and why it got its name as the “Magic Island”. As you probably guessed, it is a part of the island's folklore. So the legend says that…

Long long ago, the Demigod Maui was born. His father was the holder of the heavens and his mother was the guardian of the path to the Netherworld. Maui was the smallest kid in the family but the only one who was blessed with magic powers. The little rascal was rather quick-witted so he often managed to outwit his brothers and friends.

Maui was a poor fisherman and his brothers who excelled him in fishing would often laugh at him for his small catch. So Maui decided to outwit them and placed his boat in such a way that he could steal the brothers' fish by pulling his line across theirs. All he needed to do is just distract the attention of his brothers when one of them was pulling in a fish. But soon they learned about his trick and refused to fish with him.

Maui's luck turned against him and his mother advised him to ask his father for a magic hook called Manaiakalani. She said that the hook fastened to the heavens and once it catches land, it can raise the seas together.

Maui followed his mother’s advice and got the hook from his father. Soon his brothers set on a fishing adventure. They mocked at Maui who wanted to join them and threw him out of the boat. But this time the brothers returned with no catch.

Demigod Maui

Maui said that if they let him join them on their fishing trip they would catch many fish. The brothers agreed to give him a second chance and allowed Maui to get into their canoe. They paddled for a long time fishing but only sharks got trapped in their lines. The brothers ribbed Maui asking where all the fish was that he had promised. Then Maui threw his magical hook into the ocean, cast a spell and ordered the hook to catch the Great Fish.

The same moment the sea started to move and enormous waves rose around the boat. Maui told his brothers that they should paddle with all their might without look back. For two days, the brothers kept paddling while Maui held taut the magic line.

All of a sudden the peaks of magnificent mountains emerged from beneath the water. Maui commanded his brothers to keep paddling as fast as they could and he pulled the line with all his might making the peaks protrude even more out of the water.

But one of his brothers didn’t obey and looked back. He was shocked by the sight of the rising land and stopped paddling. At the same time the magic line started to slacken in Maui's hands, then the line snapped and the magic hook disappeared in the sea.

Maui was furious at his brothers for not obeying his command. He said that he managed to raise a great continent but because of their curiosity he had only the islands as a testimony of all his efforts.

Maui Map

For a long time the island of Maui had been used as a huge plantation for growing sugar cane. Even today approximately 37,000 acres of Maui land are occupied by sugar cane. In addition, coffee, macadamianuts, papaya, fresh pineapple and tropical flowers are grown there.

With its gorgeously beautiful pristine beaches and plentiful attractions Maui is a real tourist's Mecca. The biggest island's sight is the now-dormant volcano, Haleakala. The last time it erupted was in 1790, but scientists suppose that Haleakala can become active again one day.

Other major attractions of the island include the town of Lahaina where you can spot whales from the beach and The "Road to Hana", a car trip which will take you to a range of beautiful spots with jaw dropping views along the way, such as Wailua Falls.

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