Lose Weight With Sugar

How to Eat Sugar and Lose Weight?

Scientists calm that sugar is actually not bad for health. There is nothing harmful in it. In fact, it contains no fat, but provides us with instant energy. In addition, sugar added to any dish makes it taste much better. But, on the other hand, sugar is not considered to be the food that helps lose weight. The key to getting a slimmer, healthier body is to understand why sugar makes you fat so you could reduce its harmful effects.

White Bread

When you eat sugar your body receives a signal that it should accumulate fat. And the trick is that sugar is everywhere—not only in cakes, candy and soda. Nowadays sugar can be found in such products we consume daily as white bread, pasta, rice, beer and even milk. And all these sugars penetrate into your bloodstream as glucose.

In other words, most people eat food with high concentration of sugar in it, even if they stay away from candy. For instance, a slice of white bread will provide glucose equivalent to 4 tablespoons of sugar.

Let's look into what happens to our body when we eat sugar. When sugar gets into your body it increases the level of glucose in your blood very fast, causing the release of insulin, a hormone that signals your body that it should store fat.

Not all people can easily stop eating pasta and sandwiches. But if you use the strategies below you will be able to decrease the rate at which your body absorbs sugar. As a result you will be able to control blood-glucose levels and enhance the ability of your body to burn fat. This, in turn, helps decrease appetite and reduces the risk of having such illnesses as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

Forget about the Granola Bar

Granola Bars

According to the recent research conducted by scientists of Ohio State University people who ate an Atkins Advantage Bar (low in carbohydrates) had their blood-glucose levels 71 percent lower than after eating white bread, whose who ate a Balance Bar (moderate in carbohydrates) had their levels 50 percent lower and those who ate a Power Bar (high in carbohydrates) had their levels only 4 percent lower.

It proves that eating cereal and "performance" bars that contain lots of sugar is not healthy. You had better opt for products that are low in carbohydrates.

Dress Your Salad with Vinaigrette


In 2005 Swedish scientists noticed that when people ate several slices of white bread with 2 tablespoons of vinegar, their blood glucose turned out 23 percent lower than when they ate white bread only. So, small amount of acetic acid found in vinegar, dressings, and pickled products is actually good for health. So next time you are going to have a sandwich consider adding more pickles on it or complement a high-carbohydrate meal with a salad dressed with balsamic vinaigrette or Italian dressing. When you are eating at home you can easily make this vinegar-and-oil dressing yourself: just whisk equal parts of olive oil with red or white vinegar.

Take a Fiber Pill

Numerous scientific studies reveal that taking 1.2 g of glucomannan, a soluble fiber made from the Japanese konjac root half an hour before eating white bread caused a 28 percent reduction in blood glucose 2 hours later. Furthermore, people who took 1.2 g of glucomannan before each meal three times a day, had bad cholesterol drop by 21 percent in a month.

Eat Java-Friendly Foods


Coffee consumed an hour before a meal rich in sugar lead to 16 percent higher levels of blood glucose afterward. It should be noted that when coffee is not paired with sugar, caffeine stimulates body to burn fat quicker. So, when you drink coffee avoid having sweets or desserts with it. Foods like eggs and fruit don’t impact blood glucose so they can be eaten with coffee instead.

Add Chromium Picolinate to Your Diet

400 microgram (mcg) of chromium picolinate taken before a meal with high content of carbohydrates decrease blood-glucose levels by 23 percent. Keep in mind that increasing the amount of chromium picolinate taken before meal makes no sense. Scientists found out that taking 800 mcg had the same effect as taking 400.

Exercise in the Morning

Cardio Session

According to the latest scientific studies exercising decreases the negative impact of a high-sugar meal on blood glucose by 15 percent and this effect lasts for over 10 hours after a workout. Scientists believe that it is because exercise drains stored glucose known as glycogen, decreasing blood-glucose levels. A cardio session will have the same effect as aerobic exercise also diminishes the level of glycogen.

Try a Natural Supplement

1,500 milligrams of Phaseolus vulgaris extract (obtained from white kidney beans) taken before a high-sugar meal decrease blood-glucose levels by 57 percent in 2 hours. Phaseolus vulgaris provides the enzyme that helps break down starchy carbohydrates contained in grain or potato in your stomach.

Kale chips

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